Best Practice Recognition

Melissa Fire Department is a "Recognized Best Practices Fire Department"

Melissa is one of only 19 in State to achieve this recognition from Texas Fire Chief's Association

Melissa (January 25, 2019) - Following an exhaustive internal review that measured its level of adherence to a comprehensive list of best practices, the Melissa Fire Department has been awarded the "Recognized Best Practices Fire Department" from the Texas Fire Chiefs Association (TFCA) Best Practices Recognition Program.

The Fire Department was notified of the successful submission for the designation on January 24, and during a future City Council meeting, a representative of the TFCA will make the formal presentation.

"We are honored to receive the prestigious recognition," said Fire Chief Harold Watkins. "This accomplishment was only made possible by the strong work of my staff and the continued support of our Mayor, Council, and City Manager. With over 1,500 fire departments in the state, it's an honor to be one of only 19 departments that have achieved this recognition."

Over the last several months, the department embarked on a process of examining compliance in areas such as Administration and Organization, Emergency Medical Service, Fire Prevention, Risk Reduction, Community Outreach, Safety and Health, and Professional Standards and Conduct based on the 117 best business practices for fire departments in the State of Texas. These best practices were developed by Fire Service professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service to communities.

"What an honor for the Melissa Fire department and community as a whole," added City Manager Jason Little. "The entire department worked tirelessly to be evaluated through this program so that they can be an even better department to serve our great community. I am proud to be in an organization with leaders who care so much about the community we serve."

The Recognized designation verifies that the Melissa Fire Department is using the most current best practices in the profession. It also means, in a very clear way, that the department is meeting its professional obligations to the City's residents and businesses.

Upon completion of the department's internal review, an outside audit and review were requested. The final on-site review was conducted by trained Fire Chiefs and Assistant Fire Chiefs from other areas of the state. The result of this review was then sent to the Texas Fire Chiefs Best Practices Recognition Board for final analysis, resulting in the decision to award the "Recognized" status to the local department.

Melissa Fire Department Presented Best Practices Recognition TFCA 2019Recognition

The Melissa Fire Department leadership was recognized as the 19th Texas Fire Department to receive the coveted Best Practices Recognition at the TFCA Executive Conference in Georgetown in March.