Melissa Police Department CoinOur Mission

The Melissa Police Department strives to reduce crime and keep Melissa among the safest cities in Collin County. Our goal is to help people and provide assistance at every opportunity; to increase citizen satisfaction with public safety; and nurture community cooperation through the Department's training, skills, and efforts. The Police Department works hand-in-hand with the community and the other elements of the criminal justice system in accomplishing its mission.

In addition to safeguarding its residents, police services are provided daily to over 40,000 commuters who travel along the three major highways spanning the city.

Officers are committed to keeping citizens safe by strengthening partnerships through a variety of programs like National Night Out, enforcing traffic laws, and responding to and investigating criminal activity.

Texas Police Chiefs Association LetterheadDepartment Recognition

The Melissa Police Department renewed its Recognition Status from the Texas Police Chiefs Association Law Enforcement Recognition Program. The Recognition Program evaluates a police department's compliance with over 160 best business practices for Texas law enforcement agencies. These were carefully developed by law enforcement professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service, the reduction of risk, and the protection of individuals' rights. Similar to the national accreditation program, the Recognition Program is designed specifically for Texas law enforcement agencies.

Of the more than 2,400 agencies in Texas eligible to receive the Recognized status, Melissa was one of 92 in 2014, when it initially earned Recognized status, placing it in the top 5%. Recognized agencies must renew their status by demonstrating compliance every four years. The current status will remain in effect until 2022.


The Melissa Police Department underwent the program's thorough review of the following to demonstrate its commitment to keeping the residents and businesses of the City safe and secure:

  • Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Operations
  • Policies
  • Procedures

This process provided for an independent review of the department's operations and should assure the citizens of Melissa that its Police Department is continuing to conform to the current state of the art in law enforcement.