Billing Cycles & Procedures

Billing Schedule

  • Service periods are 25 to 35 days and are always as close to 30 days as possible.
  • Utility bills are mailed out on or near the 20th day of the month and are due upon receipt and no later than the date provided on the bill (the due date is generally 20 calendar days after the bill date). Payments received after 5:00 pm on the last day before a penalty is applied (1 business day after printed due date) are subject to a 10% late fee.
    • Note that all payments left in the drop box at City Hall must be made before 4:00 pm on this day to avoid being late and receiving the 10% penalty.
  • Late notices are generated and mailed out two business days after the due date. If payment has not been received 7 calendar days after this notice, an automated call will be placed to facilitate payment.
  • Disconnects are performed 4 calendar days (no weekends or holidays) after the second notice/initial Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call.
  • Customers that have not made payment prior to 5:00 pm the day before the day of scheduled disconnects are subject to a $50 service fee and service disconnection.
    • Payments may be left after hours in the drop box but must be made before 8:00 am on the day of disconnection to ensure you will not be on the disconnect list.
    • Please do not attempt to pay online the day of disconnects, we ask that you call 972-838-2035 or come to City Hall to make payment.
    • If service is disconnected and reconnection is required outside regular City working hours, there may be an additional fee of $25, for a total of $75 due for service to be reconnected.