Summer Reading Program

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2022 Ocean of Possibilities!

Every bit a child reads makes a difference in their reading skills for the summer and keeps them prepared for returning to school.

Summer Library Program facts

  • Summer reading loss is a key factor contributing to the achievement gap between struggling and successful students.
  • Lower-achieving students are less likely to read out of school.
  • Those comfortable reading are more likely to choose recreational reading as a summer activity. 
  • Having access to books, and having books in the home, is essential to building strong readers.
  • Public libraries can break these cycles and get materials into the homes of children who do not have their own books.
  • Children who don’t read over the summer lose 3 months of reading comprehension.
  • The loss is accumulative – by the end of 6th grade these kids are 2 school years behind their peers.
  • Middle school is too late; even with the best remedial classes, these students will remain behind their peers.
  • Reading as few as 4 books keeps kids at their current reading levels.
  • Young children with richer home literacy environments succeed when they begin school.
  • Freedom to select reading materials of their choice results in strengthening reading skills.

Created by Shawn Brommer, South Central Library System, 10/06
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This summer, we explored our Oceans of Possibilities adventures in reading!  We hoped everyone had as much fun as we did!

  • 705 patrons of all ages took on our reading challenges! A NEW RECORD OF PARTICIPANTS!
  • Participants included 607 kids and 98 adults!
  • 25.7% of kids finished their 800-minute reading challenge and 22.5% of adults finished their 6 book challenge!
  • Kids read a total of 376,946 minutes! That is equal to 6,282 hours or 261 solid days! It's also almost 60,000 more minutes than last year! A NEW RECORD!
    • Ages 0-4 Minutes of Top Prize Readers : 2,985 minutes to 3,630 minutes
    • Ages 5-9 Minutes of Top Prize Readers : 6,440 minutes to 7,820 minutes
    • Ages 10-13 Minutes of Top Prize Readers : 11,070 minutes to 19,152 minutes
    • Ages 14-17 Minutes of Top Prize Reader : 7,510 minutes to 16,460 minutes
  • Adults read a total of 333 books!
    • Number of Books of Top Prize Readers : 24 books to 49 books
  • The Melissa Public Library provided 47 programs over the summer!