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What services does the library offer?

Melissa Public Library Services & Fees (CASH ONLY)

  • Copying/Printing:
    • $0.15 per page (Black and White)
    • $0.50 per page (Color)
  • 3D Printing
    • $1 per hour and at the library's discretion.  Please contact the library for more information.
  • Faxes: $1 per page to receive/send
  • Notary: $6 per document needing notarization and $1 per additional signature.
    • Please bring a valid photo ID and do not pre-sign documents
    • Please call the library (972-837-4540) to check if a notary is available.
  • Scan: Free

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2. What services does the library offer?
3. What is required for obtaining a library card?
4. What is the Melissa Public Library Policy and Procedures?
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