How do I find the City Code of Ordinances?

The Municipal Code Corporation (Municode) online portal houses the City of Melissa’s Code of Ordinances. The codification was approved by Ordinance Number 92-04 on April 28, 1992. The codification process is currently being done by Municode.

About Municipal Code Corporation

Municipal Code Corporation has more than 50 years experience publishing Codes of Ordinances for local governments. Their experience includes original codification and updating. Municipal Code Corporation is committed to customer service and dedicated to staying abreast of technology.

Municipal Code Corporation is a private sector host for City/County ordinances. Contained on their website are Codes for more than 1,100 local governments in searchable online databases. They do not provide citizens with counsel, legal advice or research. If you are unable to locate the information you need by performing a keyword search on their site, then you may need to contact the City Secretary’s office to obtain detailed information, specific to your area and needs.

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