Addressing Council

Public Meeting Appearance Cards

Citizens may speak at Council meetings on agenda and non-agenda items by completing and submitting a Public Meeting Appearance Card. These forms are located on a back table upon entering the Council Chambers.

Once you have completed your form, please present your card to the City Secretary prior to the start of the meeting. Groups that want to address the same issue are encouraged to select a spokesperson.

Handouts & Audio Visual Aids

Anyone having handouts or audio visual aids to be presented during Citizen Comments shall make those items available to the City Manager or City Secretary at least one week in advance for review prior to the City Council Meeting.

You will be required to present eight copies of any presentations or handouts to the City Administrator or City Secretary at least one week prior to the meeting.

Request to Speak Cards

Those wishing to address the Council are asked to complete a Request to Speak Card (PDF). Please turn the card in to the City Secretary prior to the Regular Meeting.

The Mayor (presiding officer) will ask for those wishing to address the Council to do so at the appropriate time. Please approach the speaker's stand, state your name and address for the record, and discuss the topic of interest. Please direct your comments to the Mayor and Council. You will be allowed 3 minutes to address your comments.

Although Council cannot discuss your topic or take specific action on Citizen's Comment topics due to legal requirements, they will hear the topic and Council may:

  • Have the item placed on a future agenda for action, or
  • Refer the item to a Board, Commission or Committee; or
  • Refer the item to staff for study or conclusion