U2You Customer Portal

Take Control of Your Water Usage with the Power of Data - U2You and WaterMyYard
With the completion of the City’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation and partnership with FATHOM, City of Melissa water utility customers have access to see and manage their water usage through the U2You Customer Usage Portal.  
Power of Data
All City water customers can sign up for the U2You Portal: https://melissa.gwfathom.com/Sign-In.aspx.

Melissa U2You Customer Water Usage Portal Guide

Power of Data in YOUR Hands

In addition to the 24-hour access to customer account and billing information, customers will also have direct access to their own water usage data provided by the new AMI system. This is one of the key benefits to customers and a driving factor of what lead the City to partner with FATHOM when deciding to move forward with an AMI initiative.

  • The fully functional U2You Customer Portal will allow customers to sign up for direct access to view their water usage in monthly, daily and hourly increments. 

  • Additionally, customers can setup customized usage alerts to receive notification by email and/or text message based on established usage thresholds - allowing more direct control over their own water usage and subsequent bill.  

  • As more customers enroll in this benefit, participants will be able to see how their household’s usage compares to other residents that have also signed up. 

If customers have questions regarding the U2You online portal or would like more detail regarding monthly water usage, please contact customer service at (855) 266-4941, Monday – Friday, 8:00  a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or email melissa.support@gwfathom.com.  

Looking for even more control over your water usage?  
Sign-up for Water My Yard and receive weekly notification on WHEN and HOW MUCH to water based on LOCAL weather data right here in Melissa! Just click on the image below to sign-up today!

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