How do I sign up?

Visit our Community Notification Enrollment page and enter the required information online (address, name, phone number(s), and email). This is the quickest way to sign up because the information you supply is immediately registered in the system.

Those who have recently moved to the City but kept the same listed or unlisted number will need to input their current address into the database. When entering information, please fill out all of the screens. The newest data entered will replace the old data. Some have shared that addresses in newer phases of subdivisions may not be recognized. Should the system not accept your address you can use City Hall’s address (3411 Barker Avenue) and then let us know so we can follow-up accordingly.


You will not receive severe weather alerts and notifications if you have only elected to enroll to receive the standard CodeRED notifications initiated by the City. If you want to receive these weather alerts, you must opt-in separately when signing up for CodeRED.

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