What is CodeRED Weather Warning?

When severe weather strikes, seconds can make a difference in how people prepare and respond. To help further protect the safety of our residents, the City has also contracted to utilize the CodeRED Weather Warning system, an optional service users must subscribe to in addition to standard CodeRED.

No one should assume they are automatically enrolled in Weather Warning and should log onto your account to make sure you are enrolled to receive the severe weather alerts of your choice.

Full Automation for Critical Weather Alerts

Without any human intervention required, CodeRED Weather Warnings deliver advanced notification of severe weather events as soon as a bulletin is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS). The system delivers voice calls, text messages and emails to subscribed users within the direct path of the storm. These messages provide residents the extra time needed to take precautions and save lives. Alert warnings may include tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood, tsunami and winter storm warnings.

Geo-Targeted & Relevant Notifications

CodeRED Weather Warning uses a polygon methodology to interpret bulletins issued by the National Weather Service to determine the severity of the warning and the exact areas affected. The system then creates a calling database of all CodeRED Weather Warning subscribers within the projected path of severe weather. Instead of traditional county-based warnings, the system delivers targeted alerts to only those who may be affected, increasing their relevance and reducing false alarms.

Subscription Required

The CodeRED mobile app is free, however after a 30 day free trial, the Weather Warning upgrade for the app must be purchased. You can purchase this app upgrade for $4.99 per year through Google Play or iTunes.

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