Could the increase be due to irrigation and/or outdoor watering?

Very likely! Landscape watering typically accounts for the majority of household water use during summer months. Higher water use increases water bills - and increases the demand on our water supply.

Additional Information

  • Verify the settings on your irrigation controllers and/or timers. Make sure your system is set to water when and how much you want and that you are not watering more than twice a week as stated in the current water guidelines.
  • Be sure your sprinkler system controller has a fresh battery so that it can maintain the watering schedule in the event of a power outage. Without this backup energy supply, the controller goes back to the default settings - often watering every day.
  • Conduct a full irrigation system audit - An audit of the irrigation system has been shown to be the most effective tool for maximizing water use efficiency in the landscape. Irrigation audits consist of three main activities: Site inspection, performance testing, and irrigation scheduling.

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3. Could the increase be due to irrigation and/or outdoor watering?
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