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What is considered average water usage?

The Texas Water Development Board estimates average monthly usage for Texas water utilities ranges from 7,380 to 8,514 gallons. The City of Melissa’s average residential consumption is approximately 7,400 gallons per month. Additionally, the City’s rate study showed that on average, nearly 50% of residential customers were billed at the Tier 1 rate for their monthly water consumption charge. This along with the statewide data further suggests that volumes in the higher tiers appear to be a choice.

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1. What is considered average water usage?
2. Where could the increase in my water usage be coming from?
3. Could the increase be due to irrigation and/or outdoor watering?
4. My bill seems higher than usual?
5. My consumption did not change greatly but the billed amount did?
6. I am concerned my meter reading is not accurate?
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