Parks & Facilities

Our Mission

The Melissa Parks and Recreation Department is committed to improving and elevating the quality of life for residents and their families by providing and maintaining a parks and trails system that offers ample opportunities to enjoy an outdoor experience.

With a staff that is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service to residents and businesses within Melissa, the Parks and Recreation Department oversees the City's:

  • Fields
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Trails
  • Other Amenities for the Use and Enjoyment of Residents and Visitors

Melissa Community & Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) (4B Board)

The Parks and Recreation staff works with a dedicated group of volunteers who serve on the Melissa Community & Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) who, among their myriad duties, make appropriate use of the resources entrusted to them in acquiring and improving land for parks, trails, and other facilities designed to provide outdoor recreational activities. The MCEDC is also instrumental in providing the necessary resources for a wide variety of other recreational programs and activities.

Neighborhood & Development Services

The Parks and Recreation Department works closely with the Neighborhood and Development Services staff in ensuring that developers and builders stay true to their commitments for adequate parks and open spaces in the neighborhoods they build within the Melissa City limits.

Organizational Partnerships

Department personnel also work in close partnership with the Melissa Independent School District, the Melissa Chamber of Commerce, the Melissa Rotary Club, and various other civic and service organizations in developing and implementing programs, events, and activities in support of the department's mission.


The City of Melissa has five beautiful parks including the newly acquired Country Ridge Park. Additionally, the City offers a Hike and Bike Trail for our residents and visitors to enjoy.

Each of our parks offers facilities that are available to the community to enjoy and can be reserved for private gatherings. Visit Park Reservations for details.