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SH 121 Traffic Switch & SH 5 Realignment

TxDOT completed the planned traffic switch on SH 121 and this configuration will be in place through the remainder of construction. 

**Traffic is now TWO-WAY underneath the SH 5 overpass at SH 121.** The contractor has placed concrete barriers and crash cushions in front of the bridge columns to protect traffic from hitting them. As a reminder, please SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION to be sure to watch for message boards and signs that are posted as date is subject to change due to weather.

This is in addition to the SH 5 traffic switch that has also occurred (TWO-WAY traffic, going from SH 121 to SH 5 South and to CR 338) *


Going North from US 75: traffic will merge onto the temporary asphalt in the median just before the 121 and SH 5 intersection. The will stay in the median until Fannin Rd. At that point, traffic wanting to go North on SH 121 will merge to the left, which will be the existing Southbound SH 5. They will follow the lane, going underneath the SH 5 overpass and continuing North and will enter onto the temporary asphalt in the median just South of the new Dart Bridge. From there, traffic will continue on the new concrete paving going North.

To go North on SH 5: traffic will merge to the right at the Fannin intersection and will basically be where the existing traffic going North is right now, and they will continue onto the SH 5 overpass and go North.

Going South on the new concrete paving from the Dart Bridge: traffic will enter onto the asphalt in the median, and will be where the Southbound traffic is now, underneath the SH 5 overpass, just in the right lane, because the existing left lane will be Northbound traffic. They will continue in the right lane and will merge with the existing Southbound SH 5 traffic and will continue South.

**All detour signs will be up for traffic to utilize and they will guide motorists on which way to go. Please slow down in the construction zones and be mindful of all signs and message boards that are posted. Thank you for your ongoing patience as this project enters the next phase.**

SH121 Traffic Switch

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