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Milrany Lane Intersection Open to 2-way Traffic (March 3, 2017)
(Updated March 3, 2017)
Milrany Update_Now Open
Friday, March 3: Milrany Lane Intersection to Open to 2-way Traffic

We have just received an update from the Project Engineer that they will be opening Milrany Lane to 2-way traffic at the Glenmore intersection later this afternoon. The middle of the Hunters Run Parkway intersection will remain closed throughout the weekend. We realize that this project has been an inconvenience to many of you and we thank you for your patience!

Milrany Lane Paving Improvements Project
The City of Melissa would like to apologize for the past, present, and future construction that has occurred on Milrany Lane between Sam Rayburn Highway (SH 121) and Throckmorton Road and thank you for your patience.
The first phase of the Milrany Lane Paving Improvements project was completed in 2014 between Karnaghan Lane and Throckmorton Road. Since then, various agencies have been onsite checking and relocating any existing infrastructure that may conflict with the planned roadway reconstruction. 

Construction of the first of the next three phases between Sam Rayburn Highway and Karnaghan Lane began in August and is anticipated to be complete in March 2017. After construction of these three phases is complete, the existing two lane asphalt Milrany Lane will become a wider two lane reinforced concrete street consisting of center turn lanes and medians with improved lighting and drainage systems. 

The limits of each of the three construction phases is shown below, and additional details of each phase are located on the applicable exhibit - please note updates may be necessary throughout construction and these will be updated here and pushed out through the City of Melissa's normal communication methods.  

Initial Phase 1: COMPLETED (11/23/16)
Sam Rayburn Highway (SH 121) to north of Hunters Run Parkway intersection 

pdfPhase 1 Vehicle Route Plan

Milrany Lane will be completely closed off within the limits of this first reconstruction phase and all traffic will be directed to go north towards Throckmorton Road. The Hunters Run Parkway intersection at Milrany Lane will be closed off so Hunters Creek residents will be required to exit & enter via Glenmore Drive. From there, drivers will have the option to take County Road 417 to access SH 121 and County Road 418 to access the Collin County Outer Loop. 

The first phase of Milrany Lane reconstruction re-opened to traffic on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 23.
 The City’s contractor is coordinating with TxDOT’s contractor to adjust barricades to control traffic as the project transitions into Phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2: (Beginning November 30, 2016)
North of Hunters Run Parkway intersection to south of Karnaghan Lane (western half) -
Phase 2 of the project will allow northbound traffic to use Milrany from SH 121 to the North Creek subdivision. Southbound lanes will be available for use from Hunters Creek Parkway south to SH 121. Southbound traffic north of Hunters Creek Parkway will still be required to utilize the existing detour routes.

pdfPhase 2 Vehicle Route Plan

Following the completion of Phase I, the barricades at White Summit Lane have been removed, and vehicles entering or leaving Hunters Creek from SH 121 have full access to the intersection at Hunters Run Parkway and Milrany Lane. Glenmore Drive will then be closed off for traffic at Milrany Lane. During construction of this phase, Milrany Lane will be opened to vehicles heading north but will be closed between Karnaghan Lane and Hunters Run Parkway for vehicles wanting to go south.

Street Closure Notice - Milrany Lane Paving Improvements (1/9/2017)

On Monday January 9th, Milrany Lane will be closed to both northbound and southbound thru traffic between Hunters Run Parkway and Karnaghan Lane to allow concrete equipment to travel on the existing road for placing concrete on the new southbound lane.  This road closure will only last one working day, and the existing road will be reopened to northbound traffic after the day’s paving operations are completed.

Transition to Phase 3:  
On Monday January 16 after 8:00 a.m., northbound traffic on Milrany Lane between Hunters Run Parkway and Karnaghan Lane will be switched over from the existing asphalt road to the new western half of concrete that was placed early this week.  Barricades and signs will be adjusted to match the attached Phase 3 Vehicle Route Plan.  This section of Milrany Lane will still be closed to all southbound traffic.  The intersection at Glenmore Drive will be closed until concrete is placed and becomes strong enough to allow traffic on it.  

Phase 3: (Projected to Begin January 16, 2017)
North of Hunters Run Parkway intersection to south of Karnaghan Lane (eastern half) - Following completion of Phase 2 once concrete is strong enough for traffic.

pdfPhase 3 Vehicle Route Plan

After concrete placed in Phase 2 is strong enough for traffic, the barricades at Glenmore Drive will be removed, and vehicles leaving Hunters Creek going north will have the option to access Milrany Lane using Glenmore Drive. Northbound traffic will be shifted to the newly constructed western half of Milrany Lane while the eastern half is closed for construction between Karnaghan Lane and Hunters Run Parkway. Vehicles will still not be able to go south between these limits. After Phase 3 is completed, striping will be completed and traffic will be allowed to fully use the newly constructed Milrany Lane.


A traffic demand model evaluation was performed to determine the size of Milrany Lane necessary to serve the area in the overall picture of Melissa’s transportation system. The traffic demand model took into consideration various other roadways which will be constructed in the near future, including Throckmorton Road and Liberty Way. As these other roadways are completed, traffic demand on Milrany Lane will be redistributed to the new roadways. The traffic demand model evaluation results indicated that in the long term, Milrany Lane needed to be constructed as a three lane collector street with one uninterrupted traffic lane in each of the southbound and northbound directions with provisions for protected left hand turns (center lane). 

The median was constructed to create an opportunity for hardscape/landscape elements to be incorporated into the project at a future time and to create traffic calming element which does not diminish traffic capacity, but serves to slow traffic down along the long straight stretch of Milrany Lane.

Minimum lane widths allowed by City of Melissa ordinances is 10 feet. A narrower median with wider travel lanes diminish the desired traffic calming effect, so a lane width of 12 feet was selected.

The current design provides all elements necessary for a collector street with the added landscape/ hardscape/traffic calming features provided by the raised median.

As part of TxDOT’s reconstruction of SH 121, the Milrany Lane intersection will be signalized and incorporate a dedicated left hand turn lane onto northbound SH 121, a dedicated through lane to Milrany Lane south of SH 121, and an dedicated right hand turn lane to southbound SH 121. Traffic flow through the intersection will be greatly improved when TxDOT completes reconstruction of the intersection. 

For any questions or comments concerning this road closure, please feel free to contact Casey Berend, the project engineer, at 972-837-2111 or casey.berend@hfconsultinginc.net

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